Muldy 3500 Cargo

More capacity, more possibilities

"Wow, I can't believe how wide it is!"

Sometimes one simply needs more space. Especially when it comes to gardening and landscaping. A loading space of 2 cubic metres is just not enough when it comes to transporting large amounts of bark mulch, leaves, grass, firewood and wood chips. This is a job for Muldy 3500 Cargo. Instead of 128, it measures an unbelievable 168 centimetres. It can even carry bulky and voluminous items such as tracked carriers, mini-excavators and stump grinders.

And even more: Thanks to a stacking grid, the available space can be increased to 5.4 cubic metres. And if it is appraised by park-maintenance departments and first class construction companies, it means it can also be used in other fields. The Muldy 3500 Cargo is the perfect solution for all equipment and cargo that require a little more legroom.

Optional extras


Overall length

4.150 mm

Overall width

1.680 mm

Overall height

1.400 mm

Unladen weight

830 kg - 910 kg

Permissible total weight

3.500 kg

Load capacity

2.590 - 2.670 kg

Bearing load

150 kg

Max speed

80 km/h


185 R 14C
Optional extras
  • 12 volt electro-hydraulic system including remote control via cable and additional 12 volt battery (incl. charger) with integrated hand pump

  • Tractor three-point hitch with ball head (hot-dip galvanized)

  • 40 mm DIN-compliant towing eye

  • Axles fitted with additional shock absorbers for speeds of up to 100 km/h

  • Special tyres 205 R 14C

  • Pendulum tailgate (instead of standard tailgate)

  • 400 mm high stacking grid (total volume of 3.7 m3 instead of 2 m3)

  • 800 mm high stacking grid (total volume 5.4 m3 instead of 2 m3)

  • Access ramps

  • Body with special RAL paintwork finish upon request

Dimensions and weights for the standard version. These values can change due to optional extras. Technical changes reserved.

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