Muldy 3500 Pickup

No loading space? No problem!

“Wow, that’s incredible!”

In an ideal scenario, one has plenty of space for loading and unloading, and a big garage too. But in most cases one has to deal with cramped conditions - here, the Muldy 3500 Pick Up can show off its strengths. Thanks to its extremely flat loading angle of 16 degrees, it can be used even in garages with a ceiling height of just 1.90 metres. Nothing else can do this. This is possible due to the most sophisticated hook-lift system in the 3.5t class. 
Maximum work safety is ensured by the ground-breaking locking system.

Flexibility also means: The integrated Honda petrol engine with a hydraulic unit allows you to operate it independently from the towing vehicle. Last but not least, the Muldy 3500 Pick Up – as is the case with any Muldy® – is made of extra high-strength fine-grained steel. Expect a lifetime of use from this manoeuvrable all-rounder.

Technical information for the 2 m³ trough

Overall length

4.750 mm

Overall width

1.772 mm

Overall height

1.345 mm

Unladen weight

1.290 kg

Permissible total weight

3.500 kg

Load capacity

2.210 kg

Bearing load

150 kg

Max speed

80 km/h


205 R 14C
Particularly standard
  • The most intelligent and most sophisticated hook-lift system
    in the 3.5t class

  • Can be used in garages with a ceiling height of 1.90 metres and higher

  • Extremely flat loading angle – just 16 degrees

  • Thanks to a bending vehicle chassis frame, there is no negative bearing load
    at attachment points

  • Automatic central locking system for hooks and containers (Muldy CLS)

  • Linear travelling hooks on the central rail

  • Tandem lift cylinder for central rail

  • Made of high-quality materials: extra high-strength
    fine-grained steel (chassis frame, trough, platform) and
    aluminium (platform floor covering)

  • Thanks to the Honda petrol engine with a hydraulic unit:
    It works independently from the towing vehicle

Dimensions and weights for the standard version. These values can change due to optional extras. Technical changes reserved.

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