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Muldy® 3500 Pick Up

Our premier class

Muldy 3500 Cargo

Our premier class with its own engine.

Modular, flexible and own engine. With removable, replaceable troughs, our own (refrigerated) containers and equipped with our own Honda engine with hydraulic unit, our Muldy® 3500 pick-up represents the absolute premier class.


Muldy ® 3500 Pick Up

Basic equipment

  • Frame hot-dip galvanised, made of extra-high-strength steel with Muldy® Hacklift system, integrated underride protection and various screw-on heights for the drawbar

  • Tandem overrun brakes

  • Reverse automatic

  • Towing device with 150 kg vertical load

  • Automatic support wheel (500 kg)

  • Honda petrol engine with hydraulic unit

  • Raising and lowering angle 16 degrees

  • Tilting angle 45 degrees

Technical specifications

Can be combined with high-quality special equipment.

Subsequent purchase of optional equipment possible. Please use our contact form to inquire.

Konfiguraion Muldy 3500 Pick Up
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